What They Do

Who really cares what they do, as long as they’re home?

Each fall, parents who have college kids, wait for them to come back… whether it is for Sunday dinner, a random day, an entire weekend or, (and hopefully not this late in the season for the first visit home,) for Thankgiving break.

When they do…come home home, their real home, you do whatever you can, to remind them that you love them.

  • You give them long hugs.
  • You look carefully to see how they have changed, maturing, becoming who they will be.
  • You buy them their favorite treats and snacks.
  • You make them their favorite dinner.
  • You let them take naps for most (if not all) of the day.
  • You buy them good, healthy, food (and a few treats) to take back to their apartment or dorm.
  • You find something you think they might need…and pack that in their bag, too.

Then, you help them load up the car, the groceries, clean laundry, and you drive them back (even late and in holiday weekend traffic craziness.)

Coincidentally, which is about the time you start to miss them again.

No matter what they do – even if they jump on the bed and have a pillow fight, drink all of the orange juice and eat all of the potato chips, leave their shoes in the middle of the room and don’t pick up their towel – you are happy to have them back for a few precious moments.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS She did none of those things at the end, but even if she did, it wouldn’t matter – she did come home to visit.

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