What Did You Forget?

Traveling again and it is out of the norm…even though it used to be and you were a pro (well, maybe a semi-pro. No, a pro. For sure.) It is always too late when you ask yourself, what did you forget?

If you remembered to say it (in your head) then you wouldn’t forget a single thing.

  • extra socks
  • snacks – the ones you actually pre-packed (whoops)
  • the charger (you have it, but it’s in the bag they took below deck)
  • an empty water bottle so you can refill it as often as you need
  • the other charger, the one that goes with your new laptop (ugh)
  • the spare tote
  • and, that thing now that you are writing it all down for the world to see, that you forget (again)

So it goes.

Sure. There is always a retail store nearby, but maybe you can get by without…wishing you didn’t have to though.

If only you didn’t ask yourself “what did you forget?” before you left.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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