Visual Menu

A regular menu is good. The visual menu is great.

Pictures, hopefully drool-worthy tell so much. You can look, and carefully choose. Taking your time to decide before you place your order.

  • Does it have scallions?
  • Can I get it with shrimp instead of chicken?
  • Will there be crushed peanuts on it?
  • Is it saucy?
    • This can be viewed positively, love sauce…can I please have extra napkins!
    • Or negatively, maybe too messy for today.

The buffet, however leaves it to the guest to seek out all the options, with the real, live and ready to eat visual menu. Of course, guests have to overcome the impulse to choose randomly. They need to walk around, take the time to look and then choose carefully…otherwise, they might pick the bowl of pre-made, soggy, scrambled eggs before they see the omelet station – and that is unfortunately what happens all the time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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