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Hat Girl Marketing is all about branding, retail design & image, bright marketing ideas and being practical in things you do to promote your business and your brand.

Anything goes in terms of topics – whether it is a great promotional tag line to a cool new way to engage with your customers or how life is all about image.

In a world where “it’s business, it’s not personal” this blog hopes to connect the two ideals. Any business that deals with people, or serves clients is personal to the consumer, client or customer. Anyone who works in retail knows that it is personal when it comes to interacting with a customer whether it is a two dollar transaction for a trip of mini pretzels or a three dollar cup of coffee (much needed on this greyish almost spring day) or a thirty seven thousand dollar car purchase.

If it affects a person, it is personal. So sit back and enjoy. I hope it will be as much fun and engaging for you as I have writing all about this stuff!

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