We Both Win

It is possible that we both win. Not if we are on opposing teams, of course, unless we are not playing against each other at the time – but certainly when we are on the same team.

In life, however, there is also an opportunity for people to have successes, rather than failures at the same time. Being able to celebrate them together is incredible.

Being promoted, along with the other people who are recognized for their hard work and efforts at the same time.

Earning an A – which is less of a win than an accomplishment – but more than one person can earn the A. In fact, everyone can if they all study and learn the material.

When asked to join a special project team, sharing your expertise and accomplishing the success together, making progress, making or saving money, and finding a solution.

There is no reason to be upset when one person wins, because throughout life, even when it happens at a different time, we both win in the long run.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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