A Winning Performance

Let’s all agree that we like to see a winning performance.

Most people might say it’s even better if…

  • it’s on Broadway with a star-studded cast.
  • just before you enjoying an early, light dinner.
  • following the show you have cocktails and dessert.
  • then, you spend the weekend celebrating your life together in the city.

Sure, that sounds lovely.

However, drama parents across the country would probably say they prefer…

  • to see their children perform on stage in their school play.
  • seeing as many shows as possible from opening night all weekend long as many times as they can before the final bows.
  • bringing flowers or treats and buying “Kiss the cast” and 50/50 chances.
  • taking as many pictures before and after as they can to preserve the memories.

It doesn’t have to be on Broadway. It doesn’t have to be up for a Tony award.

Still, it is a winning performance complete with a standing ovation, laughter at all the right moments, and tears of joy being so proud of every single performer.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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