Under the Crunch

We are supposed to get our first Nor’Easter this week. We will see, the prediction is early, but I do not want to doubt. Snow brings many good things and under the crunch of crisp, water, frozen in a million little snowflakes lies the future of spring.

We are all looking forward to that time of year, for many reasons. I for one just happen to love spring the most. The fresh new greens, the buds, the emerging flowers.

For now, we will wait. I do not want to rush it. Rushing time is a bad idea. We must take things as they come, learn from them, deal with them and adapt.

We have done a lot of adapting this year.

We may be tired. We may be emotionally drained. We may be cranky even….but under the crunch (of the bad mood, the stress and the exhaustion) lies new hope, new adventures and new life. We can wait a little bit longer.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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