Trust The Navigator

You have to trust the navigator. They can actually be more important than the driver.

They can get you from here to there, with as little stress as possible, allowing the driver to focus on the road, safely getting the passengers from point A to point B, driving alongside of (or around) the other drivers on the road.

They may not see potholes, or other hazards, but the driver has the latitude to look for them, instead of the map, written directions, and worrying about when to turn.

However, when you trust the navigator which is actually a GPS, you might have to do a little more and be critical of the instructions. Traffic, road closures and other obstacles may not be up to date or announced in time. All of which can impact your time of arrival. Adjust accordingly and plan ahead. (PSA: It is the holidays and the weather has been frightful, so take care and get to your destination safely, even if a bit later than planned.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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