Traditions Matter More

In families traditions matter more to some than others… and in the ways of the world, such is the way of life, the younger ones want to make their own.

Sometimes, however, they surprise you and want to go through each and every ritual of their childhood and yours.

  • Filling and hiding Easter baskets
  • Dyeing Easter eggs
  • Dressing up
  • Seeing family
  • The same brunch and dinner menu as in every year past
  • Posing for pictures
  • Hunting for Easter eggs
  • Eating too much chocolate (or jelly beans)
  • Driving far and leaving to go home late at night
  • Eating far too much
  • Trying to take a nap in spite of others making noise
  • Helping clean up even if you cooked
  • Trying to reinvent the most decadent recipe and failing miserably, then promising (even if silently to yourself) to make it like she used to make it next year…

Many of us know that traditions matter more when you are slightly sad, reminiscing about those who aren’t there to celebrate with you anymore. You and they both know that some part of the holiday will never ever be the same, but, you are all still so grateful for everything that is. Happy Easter to you and yours.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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