Need More Time

We always need more time.

  • Time with family.
  • Time with loved ones.
  • Time having fun.
  • Time off from school and work.
  • Time not driving.
  • Time enjoying the food that takes so long to prepare.
  • Time to just sit around and do nothing.
  • Time to nap.
  • Time to rest.
  • Time to relax.
  • Time to be together.
  • Time to talk.
  • Time to communicate what we really want to say.
  • Time to just be ourselves, not rushing off to the next thing.

Tell the bunny, the giant white rabbit, to just wait a few more hours, a few more days, a few more weeks before he starts calling for it to come to an end. If the Easter Bunny could do that, now we would be even bigger fans, wouldn’t we?

On every holiday, ever since our loved ones started moving out…we just need more time, together.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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