Too Tired

Sometimes, all of the things on the list are done, or so you think…but you are too tired to check.

This is a problem for many people and for specific industries.

There is your average, “oh, I forgot to flip the load of laundry and now it has to be re-washed” and the situational, temporary and then, of course, the seriously dangerous occupations and roles.

More, or simply too much caffeine is not the answer. A good night’s sleep is what you need.

  • No dreams that wake you up.
  • No pain in the neck (literally) that makes you toss and turn.
  • No toddler who wants a drink of water.
  • No baby who needs changing.
  • No elder parent asking for help.
  • No bladder that has been too full and is making you wake…

Those are just the minor, every day inconveniences.

Then, there is that time in your life when you have:

  • Study prep and cramming.
  • Senior projects due.
  • End of semester.
  • The board meeting tomorrow morning.
  • Too many tax returns on the pile, with not enough time.

Still, there are others who are “on call”. For the Emergency Responders, we wish and pray that there is no…

  • 3-alarm fire call, that takes all but one of the engines and their company of fire fighters out in the middle of the night.
  • Overnight brawl at the late night club that needs not one, or two, but three or four police cars and their partners to break up.
  • City violence that calls out too many emergency response teams who have to wait it out and hope for the best outcome and the least amount of loss of life.
  • Tweet “Shots fired at the corner of…” going out on the campus alert.
  • Earthquake, tornado, flood or hurricane force winds shutting off power, blocking roads and causing a need for evacuation.
  • Heart-attack, unbearable pain caused by infection, stroke or sudden change to someone’s life that rushes them to the ER.

So, keep in mind that some of these are just barely the surface of what can happen at any given time…and being too tired comes with living life. Various times as you age, in roles you have chosen (or not) and careers you have found. Hopefully they give you fulfillment. Putting it all in perspective and maybe that overdue deliverable, or excessive workload backing up, keeping you up late at night is okay if you can get it all done. And relax. Perhaps a little caffeine is the answer, but sleep is probably a better solution. Hoping you all get a good, refreshing 8 hours one day soon; but also a real break – a real getaway – a real vacation to shake off the every day. An opportunity to really recharge your spirit so you can get back to it and do it over and over again with fresh, wide awake and alert mindset – and love the life you chose. If this is not what you want to do, then, make a plan to change it. (It might take some sleepless nights, but it might change your future forever.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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