Too Soon

Is it too soon to post again?

Too bad…I am the one in control.

But, you too have control – you can choose not to read, not to follow, not to share.

But. I will greatly appreciate it if you do – choose to read, choose to follow and even more, choose to share.

Sometimes, it is too frequent to share similar content, or to ask the same exact question.

Don’t push.

  • Be creative and insightful (not incite-full).
  • Be fun and engaging.
  • Be able to connect with your readers.
  • Be a conduit for thought, expression and sharing.
  • Be ready to ask hard questions.

Like, why all of a sudden, when case counts are rising, foreign countries are announcing new losses, are we free to go without? In the air, in the ride share, on the trains. Bare faced.

  • Are we just tired of it?
  • Or, are we learning new aspects of science and finding results from the extensive research?
  • Or, has the evidence just gotten far enough up the chain that the science is telling a different story.
  • Or, are we seeing a break in the toll that has been rising (albeit and thankfully slowly) for the last 2 years?

I certainly hope something positive has changed.

Yet, it is just so curious that so many companies and organizations were able to act quickly on a ruling that wasn’t known until late yesterday afternoon.

So, no, it is never too soon – to say stop. It is also the perfect time to talk about something new, encouraging, differentiated and interesting. Let’s move on already and get back to life as we knew it, more educated, more experienced and certainly ready to be together more often, in all of our glory.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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