Time To Walk

It is a serious matter, and I do not mean “walk the talk” – but instead, quite literally, I mean to ask if there enough time to walk in your day?

  • It isn’t a matter of doing it for the health of it.
  • It isn’t a matter of doing it for the ability to clear your mind (and get some fresh, even if crisp and cold air.)

Though, those reasons are completely valid.

It is a matter of doing it so that you can meet up with people.

  • Whether they are in your building, sharing an office or a home.
  • Whether they are in your company.
  • Whether you share a community.

Face to face matters more than you think it does – and let’s face it, no one really likes video calls.

So, whether it is for the health and well being, or the communication factor, be sure to make time to walk. If you don’t have the time, then figure out a way to find some. It will be well worth the effort as you never know what you will see, what you will find or the problems you will solve.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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