Time Changes

Yes, time changes everything…or does it?

We just went off of Daylight Saving Time here on the east coast and in most parts of the US. Yesterday I read a few debates about why we do it still and why we shouldn’t.

I for one appreciate the extra hour in the fall… See I am wide awake early. I will get more done today… The time change makes ME an early riser. I will only enjoy this for a few days though, based on prior experience, slowly my body will become used to the new time and I will stay up later and later causing me to need (want) to sleep in later which is helpful at keeping me a happy person.

I loathe the springtime start of DST. It invariably coincides with standardized testing and client travel. It’s awful.

I think we could do without the change. I am not sure how to petition the government body who manages time for us, but I’m sure it would take up a lot of debate and cost money which we probably don’t have budgeted for 2015.

Over the last 100 years times have changed…many, many times. Here’s just a few:

100 years ago in 1915 they needed DST due to WW1. In 1918 the Interstate Commerce Commission took control of time and DST was sent away but came back for WW2. In 1966 the Department of Transportation took control of time management. The decision then, was really “no decision” about not to have it or to have it but if it were to be employed, it must be done uniformly…probably no one in the DOT even thinks about it, except the person who has to change the clocks twice a year.

Anyway, time changes, but we still have a lot to do before….

Well, before whatever it is that you have on your agenda now.

I have a lot. It’s a new month, wrapping up last month’s stuff, travel, birthdays, holidays to plan. I better get on with my day!

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