Three More Days

Ever think (other than these last six or so months when we keep counting two weeks) just three more days and it is the weekend?

Even though the weekends don’t really feel like weekends any more.

This is sort of one of those weeks.

Fresh from taking a few days off, waking up Monday was rough. I mean, really rough. The alarm went off too early (not even the end of daylight savings time) and then, well – I just couldn’t get back to sleep.

Here, it was the first day of real school – again. We are (she is anyway) in every other day, for two days a week and she is so excited.

I guess I was just a little nervous that we would all sleep in and make her late.

The routine is off. We haven’t been on a schedule. Things are getting there, but still not typical for October.

  • No bus stop.
  • No eating in the lunch room.
  • No short cuts through C-hall, please follow the arrows.
    • At least she is getting more steps in each day.
  • No up close and personal drama scenes.
  • No friends in class who have a last name at the opposite end of the alphabet.
  • No, none of these things yet anyway.

It may sound negative, but it is not. We are making progress. Slowly, but surely.

We are just waiting three more days and then three more weeks; maybe by then she will be in every day of the week. We hope that this is the case. Yes, we really do. It will mean that we are closing in on an old sense of normalcy. More “yeses” than “nos” and a time when we can just go about our days without so many disruptions to the routine. As much as we don’t want to admit it, repetition is indeed comforting and weekends are part of that life we love.

~ Dawn

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