I can’t help but wonder about the many, many thoughts that people think.

  • Am I too old?
  • Am I too young?
  • Am I too fat?
  • Am I too thin?
  • Are these pants too short?
  • Is my hair the right color?
  • Can you see my grey hair peeking through?
  • Is there too much blond in my highlights?
  • Will they think I am smart even though I am… (a girl, blond, younger than everyone else)?
  • Do I have too many wrinkles?
  • Do the boys like me?
  • Do the girls like me?
  • What if I don’t know the right words… (to sing the song, to present the presentation, to explain my idea to the group to get my point across)???
  • What if I fail the test?
  • What if I forget my lines?

Everything that we think and say to ourselves in our heads is heard…and causes a reaction. Every thought creates some reaction. No one is immune. Stay tuned for more thoughts on these topics: hair length, BMI and age.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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