Those Boxes

Yes. I am amused by those boxes that show up, every day, all through the year.

Aren’t we so lucky that we can be actively engaged in the work we do every day, and have an app that lets us buy what we need. Even better, it is set to easily “reorder”. Just click to buy:

  • groceries – more than just milk, bread and eggs
  • lunch – tired of cooking (we’d be going out if we were in “the office”)
  • the staples – toothpaste, TP, tissues and hand soap
  • gifts – birthdays, anniversaries, a little something for no reason at all and, of course Christmas!

Yet, as good as this is.

Reality is out there.

Still we are surprised when we venture out – traffic!

Isn’t it so unusual?

We are not quite as exited (nor amused) by people who block those boxes on every city street corner. So, my wish for you, from now until forever…may you find peace and joy as you make your way to and fro the office. Just turn on the radio, sing out loud and you will be there – wherever you are going – soon enough.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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