See What’s Inside

Let’s see what’s inside

  • The box that just arrived (I forget what we ordered.)
  • The box I didn’t order (I wonder who it’s from?)
  • The box we put way (and didn’t label last year.)
  • The box that’s been under the bed (who knows how long that’s been there?)
  • The box someone just gave us (we know it is pastries because it smells delicious.)
  • The box of surprises a distant family member sent (it is for the kids, and I think it will have some treats.)

And the really unexpected…let’s see what’s inside the last, tiny Halloween pumpkin left (it is starting to get wrinkly and will be squishy soon.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS it grew, unexpectedly in the backyard and was so tiny, we couldn’t carve it, but oh-my-goodness it is so orange.

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