Then There Are 31

When all the other days are done, then there are 31 more to go.

  • 31 more days to go in 2019
  • 31 more days to fill with joy.
  • 31 more days to say I love you.
  • 31 more days to plan for the future.
  • 31 more days to be with family and friends.
  • 31 more days to embrace the past and what it has given to us.
  • 31 more days to look forward to a new fresh start
  • 31 more days to enjoy cookies before it’s January and we have to stop eating so many carbs.
  • 31 more days to seek out more glitter, sparkle and shine to be ready.
  • 31 more days to be yourself, find yourself and embrace who you have become.

This is the end of November but then there are 31 more this December to make the end of this year the best yet.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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