The Stars

Two weeks ago, visiting New Hampshire, I saw the night sky, filled with all of the stars that exist and we just never see in urban cities…believe me, they’re there. 

Today, visiting the Adler Planetarium, we got a tour of this city’s best stars, without the light pollution and without the sun and without the need for a telescope. 

20 years ago I bought my husband a telescope for his wedding gift…so he could see the stars whenever he wanted. Maybe in the next twenty he’ll have a better place to view them –  that isn’t urban or even suburban and overly lit – maybe then we’ll be able to see the crazy view of the sky that the Greeks had when they conceived the constellations. Not quite sure we’re ready to move rural…and I doubt the areas we love are ready to dim their lights.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Picture from the Adler Planetarium image library:[adler_web]collections-search.html#/92/2/2/1851?RECORD&UNION=Y

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