The Phone

Sometimes, I think the phone is the bane of my existence…our existence. As humans.

Maybe it is just a love-hate relationship. Or, a Stockholm syndrome in hiding.

I thought it was just me. Formerly a girl…It was something that I fell in love with as a teen-ager (a teenaged-girl) and now it has come back to haunt me.

We are so connected, so together, so easily able to do more that we can’t get away from it.

We thought we cut the cord when we went digital, but we didn’t really.

While it no longer has a cord, we are still quite tethered to the phone – and it is gender neutral in its attack on our life. Resist if you can, but I am sure that you know it is futile – you know why I know this…you can now wear it on your wrist, more like a house arrest bracelet than a super hero gadget.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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