The Only Thing Missing

I was looking for the best restaurant to go eat crepes. Or even to have crepes… I believe, if there’s a restaurant promoting that they make them, they’d better damn well be good… Voila! I found two spots not too far from home and one was closer, which was a bonus…the only thing missing was the crepes.

How does a restaurant promote crepes in their keywords but not have them on their menu? Promoting that you have them, and not actually having them, is worse than promoting them, and making bad ones.

Sure, we were having dinner but their dessert menu certainly didn’t have them either. They did have a full gelato case, but they didn’t really feature anything remotely resembling a crepe…

Maybe they used to have them? Maybe they feature crepes for special occasion brunches and Mother’s Day was indeed just one week ago.

Wait…I sound like I’m complaining…let me remedy that.

The food was AMAZING!

They may have lured me in with the only thing missing on their menu, but everything they did offer satisfied the vegetarian, the carnivore and everyone in between. They redeemed themselves – we’ll go back – but maybe we will inquire about brunch and make a special request – they said they honor any and all personal dietary requests…I’m not sure that meant they’d whip up crepes “a la minute”. Maybe we’ll have to go somewhere else, and soon, to satisfy that craving instead; even if it’s not as close to home.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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