Mother’s Day

Somewhere along the line I read that Mother’s Day really should be celebrated on your first child’s birthday. Since then, I have wished friends of mine happy Mother’s Day on their child’s birthday because without them, they wouldn’t be a mom. (And, they wouldn’t be able to celebrate.)

Now, I understand that everybody won’t “buy into this” idea. For one, Hallmark. They would have a heckuva time adding space in their already crowded stores for Mother’s Day cards in a regular “every day occasion” section. Restaurants wouldn’t be able to block off the entire day and make brunch menus and maximize their space by limiting how long someone can sit at their table and chat with her family.

It would, however, make it easier for our friends from England. In England they celebrate Mother’s Day in a completely different month, I think it’s September. So when the English live in the United States they have to shop months before Mother’s Day. How hard is it to remember that? All your life you thought Mother’s Day was in September. Their mom won’t believe them! So, if they don’t shop in May for a happy Mum’s Day card, their mother suffers the consequences and so do the children! (Yes, even English moms don’t like to be forgotten…)

So to all of you out there who didn’t enjoy last Sunday for some reason or another you have a second chance for a very Happy Mother’s Day. Just remember, like any other day or any other celebration – even a wedding, a Sweet 16 or the prom – while it is special it isn’t the be-all end-all… It is just a day. You should, really, enjoy every single day you have with your friends your family and your loved ones. No matter where they live or how far away you are from home you have to make the most of it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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