The List

In stark contrast to the unknown, from yesterday’s post…the list of all the things yet to be done is really what keeps me up at night. I doubt that I am alone in this. (I wish I was, because then I would know that others don’t suffer this weird malady of trying to do too much, with too little time. But, I am pretty certain, I am not alone.)

I am a list maker. I follow a calendar. I use notepad and I voice to text into it all the time. I have at least 4 various notebooks that I use to jot down ideas, take notes, and make more lists on my desk right now.

If I am in a store, any kind of store, that has a uniquely designed note pad, jotter, notebook, journal or even The Big Block of artsy square non-sticky note sheets – I want it. I have to stop myself from buying them. I have to literally turn and walk down another aisle and not stop to pause and peruse what they have to sell.

On the list 16 things to get done. Today. I added 3 more. That made 19. I crossed one off since it was an either/or option and I had already chosen the other, so really 18. But then, we went shopping for my daughter’s class trip, back to 19. Lucky 7…they are the ones left for tomorrow. Of course, there are more things that have to get done tomorrow. (Somehow, e-mail is never on my list, but it takes up time, neither is this blog, which also is time-consuming, but gets done because I want it to be done.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Oops. 20 (I called to verify the details for the flight.) Still 7 things for the morning. Good night.

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