The Last Bite

There are two kinds of people when it comes to the last bite on your plate…

The ones who linger over the food, savoring each morsel. The ones who can think about dinner the next day (or next week) and even start to drool over plans while they are still eating another meal. The ones who can talk about what they want to make for breakfast tomorrow. A full 12 hours later.

Then, there are the other ones.

The ones who eat to live. They eat and then they are full. Done and done. Thank you for this food – I am grateful.

It is not to say that the first group is not grateful; because, they are very much so. It is just that there is a different perspective. A totally different approach. A variation in mindset.

Both are 100% acceptable yet, somehow confounding to the other.

If you are the latter, you may leave the late bite and not finish it because you are satisfied and happy. The former will lament the last spoonful or forkful because it was so satisfying, they just can’t believe they enjoyed it so very much. They want to linger over the taste – the salty, sweet, or savory goodness. Either way, it is fine. But, just in case you were wondering, these people are either married to each other or best friends who always eat out together; forever in a state of disbelief that the other person exhibits this bizarre behavior.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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