Taking The Time To Talk

I am a huge proponent of talking through what you think – what you believe – taking the time to talk, really talk to people.

“Be Here Now” – a GE Mantra, well before having laptops, tablets or cell phones and everything that would allow us to be connected, multi-tasking throughout conversations, meetings and even dinners.

We use this phrase with our kids, even when we don’t say it. We make them, or ask them – okay, we beg them…to turn off their phones and to talk to the people who are at their table. There is no set agenda, just share what you want to talk about, and you want to share that is happening in your life.

Work – that is different, right. That is business.

Except I believe that business is personal.

While I understand that the meetings you hold, with colleagues and co-workers are important, there are things in life that are more important.  Knowing about their lives, taking the time to talk is just as important. Time is too short, life is too short – things happen when you least expect them to happen so make the very most that you can of each and every interaction that you have – it is all that you can do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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