Summer Again

Maybe, just maybe, we wish that it could be summer again and we could be past the next seven months of unknowns?

Yes, maybe.

I don’t want to just skip ahead on life, but the way the last several have gone, maybe we wouldn’t be missing out on the things that we don’t know are ahead. It might not be a bad thing.

Though, what do we really know?

Life is just something we have to take, one day at a time.

Perhaps, without “skipping ahead” we can enjoy summer-like days, like the ones we have had for the last couple of days.

It is fall, the leaves are beautiful and Thanksgiving is coming soon, along with the holidays and so much more.

It is just that today was summer again – inspiring us for what will come – complete with shorts, open windows and fresh air coming in. Time will pass, but let’s enjoy everything we can that helps us to relax even while we get ready for what is coming next.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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