Subtle Differences

There are many times when there are subtle differences, but other times when the differences are not so subtle. Not everything is created equal, nor should be given the same treatment.

Bumble bees vs. hornets. One is fuzzy and friendly and flies from flower to flower collecting pollen to make honey. The other is scary as all get out and leaves the stung unable to walk; or costs an arm and a leg to have removed from your house.

Two versions of the classic southern fried chicken sandwich. While both may be served with spicy slaw and a sour pickle for some extra crunch, one is made with all natural, free-range, organic chicken. It is brine soaked and hand pan-fried in pesticide-free peanut oil and then carefully topped with freshly chopped slaw, a dash of house-made spice and gently placed on a brioche. The other is mass produced and deep fried in the same fryer as everything else, placed on a bun after which it is topped with pre-manufactured goop from a week ago and smooshed into a wrapper.

Kitchen cabinets…all wood. Some are hand-crafted with tongue and groove planks, dove-tail mitre-jointed and stained, three times with the care and attention of a craftsman. The others are stamped out, pressboard, laminated and machine drilled prior to being installed by the DIY homeowner, or the GC crew who has 100 homes to finish by fall.

Flip or smart phone. While there are many options out there, the flip phone had it’s place and maybe still does. With the T9 dialing capacity…remember the beep, beep, beep to text the letter C? The smart phone has made life easier – faster – smarter, but perhaps way more stressful.

Yes, there are subtle differences and we could debate them one and all – but there are many reasons why things are different. Time, technology, task-oriented and more…We just have to be able to understand the differences and know what we are getting into. I am all for saving the bees, but not those suckers – not today, not any day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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