Spring Clean Your Desk

Each time a new month turns over, you might decide to spring clean your desk…even if it isn’t yet spring (or, even if it is summer, fall or winter.)

Speaking of winter, this one has been especially difficult all across the country, whether you had single-digit temperatures, excessive snow, rain or not. Plus, even if you escaped getting the flu, it is probably a good time to straighten up, get organized and put everything away while you dust and sanitize everything just for good measure.

I mean, it. Do it tomorrow. Even if it is the middle of the week.

There is nothing better for your perspective on the work at hand – from your pet projects to the ones you would be happier not having to do – a clear workspace makes all the difference in the world.

It clears the mind – like clearing your computer’s cache – and starting fresh.

So, as we turn over the page into March, think about a quick, 5-minute task and set aside the time to spring clean your desk something that will help you make this month better than the last.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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