Some Bunny Needs…

I think we can go with out much disagreement that this week especially, some bunny needs…

  • a break
  • lunch made by someone else
  • a reason to smile
  • time away from Zoom and other video style calls
  • a treat of your choosing
  • hopeful plans for the future
  • a getaway when all of this is over
  • more exercise
  • a warm, sunny day
  • jelly beans

Thanks to my sister, who was able to find (hunt down, I’m sure) my favorite brand and style of my once-a-year Easter treat.

She then mailed it to me in plenty of time for me to get them for the weekend…am I waiting to eat them, though? No.

Aren’t sisters the best?

No matter where you are, what you are doing, what you thought you would be doing but you’re not and set that aside. Then, think about what some bunny needs… and how you might be able to help them, right now when they need your help the most.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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