So Happy You Cried

Are there any times when you look back and can admit that you were so happy you cried?

It is okay to admit it.

  • When your dad tells you that story about when he was a kid and his cat went crazy, running from room to room and weaving in and out of the dining room chairs.
  • First “ask out” on a date.
  • Getting your driver’s license and driving off on your own for the first time.
  • Graduating from college with honors.
  • When he gets down on one knee, as he looks at you and asks “Will you marry me?” (After you say yes, he shows you the most perfect ring that he picked out all by himself.)
  • Your child’s first day of school… (Okay, maybe that was sad and happy at the same time).
  • When your 3 year old nephew pops someone in the tookus and keeps doing it, while they giggle – and the person being popped laughs hysterically but you can’t stop giggling, let alone stop the youngling.
  • Your child learning how to ride a bike and telling you it is their new passion and you can’t stop them from living their dream. (Okay, maybe that was incredulous laughter that turns to tears.)
  • When a quiet and calm co-worker tells you a long, drawn out story, that is already so funny and then they say – “but wait, this is the funny part” and you already can’t even catch a breath…
  • When someone shares a Tweet that you can’t believe was posted but still so funny, tears stream down your face.
  • When your oldest is graduating from college and got her first (and preferred) jobby-job offer.

So many times, life doesn’t have to be sad. It can be wonderful and emotional and amazing, but still, you are so happy you cried (and you aren’t afraid to admit it.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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