Slow No Slower

I’ve written about communications before… These are about how signs can be so amusing. Especially like the one that reads SLOW No SLOWER Well, it reads SLOW and then a few meters up the road, SLOWER. No explanation point needed.

Also, quite ironic is the increased speed limit sign, you were doing 80, now it’s ok to do 100 – followed by a squiggle line (curves ahead) and the SLOW demarcation on the road. (Followed by SLOWER.)

Oh, those Irish, they’re hysterical.

The road work we’ve seen is the building of sidewalks that are, no lie, wider than the road being travelled.

Now I see the value of a Fiat.

And a 6-speed Passat.

(Sorry Vince, this trip may not have turned out the way you’d wanted – for me to want an Acura SUV you shouldn’t have let me drive a manual transmission in a German engineered marvel on back country, winding, twisting roads…)

I keep thinking “fast, no faster…”

I am not sure they understand – they’ve created this beautiful landscape, given us the keys to a performance vehicle and then said enjoy it, but yell slow, no slower!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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