How Old

Things can be old….and then they can be OLD. How old something or someone is, is completely relative.

How old is this cheese? (Aged for four months.)

How old is this car? (14 years…but it runs and passes inspection every time.)

How old are you beautiful lady? I want to know the age of true beauty… (Blarney…)

How old is this house? (129 years… Built in 1886.)

How old is that castle? (Which one, the one you’re in or the original one – we kept one wall as part of the heritage – which, by the way, I think is better than keeping it for a zoning permit.)

How old is your daughter? (21 months.) Oh, when do you stop counting in months???

How old is that painting? (Really… Just 4 months – not as valuable as this one that is 400 years old.)

How old is a relative term, not just the difference between 10 and 86, because depending on who is asking the question really matters more than the empirical answer.

~ Dawn aka Chapeaux Fille

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