Silently Change

It used to be that I would go around and silently change the clocks in the springtime as we were moving to Daylight Savings Time.

This was my sly, sneaky mom way of trying to convince the kids, mid day on Saturday that it was actually later than it really was to “help” them ease into the earlier wake up on Sunday. My goal was to make it even easier for them (and the adults in the house and at school) on Monday morning.

Of course, once they could tell time, this trick usually failed. So, I would just send them to bed earlier and tell them they had no choice but to turn out the lights.

It never worked anyway. Their biological clock still told them when to be tired, fall asleep and no amount of “going to bed early” would help them feel ready for their alarm clock and wake up call.

Now, however, they don’t even see me changing clocks. I don’t have to “tell them” it is happening. More and more of the clocks in their world – except for the 6* in our kitchen – they don’t look at a “clock” other than on their phone or computer.

All they know is that the time it says, is what it is…until, on days like today when at 4:15 it became dark. Already.

See that Apple. You can’t pull anything over on them, anymore than I could. Still, you think you’re so smart and you could silently change their time of day and they wouldn’t notice. They did. So, slow your roll with your attempt to take over the world…humans still notice some things.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

* Yes, there are six. Let’s count them:

  1. Wall clock – it’s analog – and it has to stay.
  2. Stove
  3. Microwave
  4. iHome
  5. Home phone (we still have one!)
  6. Thermostat

All but the first are digital – some of them even have a DST toggle!

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