Show Must Go On

On stage, and in the theater, the show must go on

…unless there is snow in the forecast and school is closed.

Even without snow (yet.)

On Broadway, the understudy cast member just slides into place, taking on the role and performing for the audience, no matter what. Even if they feel unprepared, they may be encouraged to look at this as a great opportunity to make the most of their moment in the spotlight.

In theater, we have both comedies and tragedies. Compared to the theater, such is not the case as in life, we have far more varied and depth of emotions related to the most important moments in our lives.

While on stage, the show must go on; in our personal lives, we may – and should – grant ourselves the rarest of moments to dwell, to be sad and to linger in our memories. We are all, at some point in time, going to be reminded that while life goes on, we don’t have to do it on anyone else’s schedule but our own.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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