She’s No Baby

My youngest gets called “the baby” but she’s no baby

  • She rehearses every week, 4 times a week for her music.
  • She has at least 1 extra weekend rehearsal and often a performance or two.
  • She is considered, by her peers, to be a leader.
  • She speaks up, and out, for herself and for others.
  • She tells you when she doesn’t want to do what you tell her to do.
  • She auditions for every solo and lead that she can.
  • She cooks, cleans, studies, creates, writes and reads – a lot.

We know that she’s the youngest and that is the nickname, but only by birth order…other than that, she’s no baby…even when it’s cold outside. (La la la.) I truly can’t wait ’till the rest of the world gets a chance to experience her, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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