Share What You Know

There are countless – and I mean countless – opportunities to share what you know.

  • public speaking
  • team meetings
  • community events
  • public forums (the online kind, but the in-person kind, too)
  • business activities
  • in parenting
  • being friends with close friends and those not so close, but within your sphere of influence
  • at book club
  • at the PTO (PTA, or whatever you call it where you live)
  • with your family
  • with your team – whether you are the coach, the captain or a team player
  • LinkedIn
  • other business or non-business focused social media
  • presentations
  • podcasts
  • TED talks
  • conferences, expos and conventions

Through all of this, share what you know and be sure to…Be who you are. Be transparent. Be authentic. Be professional. Be focused and calm. Be prepared for dissent and opposing opinion. Ask for dialogue so that you can both listen, learn and adapt…and continue to learn.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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