Second Helping

This weekend, we had more than one second helping.

From pie to mashed potatoes and turkey to stuffing. Don’t forget cookies, cheesecake, and buttered bread plus overcooked vegetables topped in gravy.

From family-time and sleeping late, to celebrating birthdays one week early.

From e-mails announcing one more sale…to one more deal and an offer you can’t refuse…another glass of wine.

Just when you think the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is all over but the crying, the snowstorm comes.

Parents everywhere are forced to enjoy a second helping of days off, which in my (humble) opinion was just a waste of a day off. One more on top of five, is more than we need. Yet, before you think I am bah humbug Scrooge incarnate…a day off on Tuesday or Thursday would have been just about perfect. I guess we can still hope; there’s another alert coming from the emergency weather app just now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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