Second Chance

I wholeheartedly support giving someone, or a business, a second chance.

Things happen. (Well, you know…)

  1. Traffic
  2. Snow
  3. Rain
  4. Traffic due to above mentioned snow or rain
  5. Slippery rails (anyone who has traveled SEPTA knows that delayed train excuse)
  6. Sick children
  7. Flat tire / broken vehicle
  8. More work than originally anticipated and it took far longer than the hours in each day, even 24/7 for the week
  9. Inexperienced staff
  10. Overwhelmed kitchen on grand opening weekend
  11. Holidays
  12. Inventory delays = shortages

Just thinking of these dozen things, you would easily be able to say you have experienced this – either personally or professionally (or both.)

The real question is, did you deserve a second chance and if so, do they also, deserve one? Give it one more try. Maybe ten more tries. Retrain, re-educate, communicate, share ideas and make it better. Everyone needs another chance to be better. It is ok to be patient. You might be thoroughly surprised when they get it right.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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