Sometimes, the best way to learn the town’s scuttlebutt is to go to the local business owner’s office.

In a meeting today, all we had to ask was “So, whats the deal with…”

All the answers came out. The answer to what happened with the bank robbery and then some!

Right. Didn’t mention that did I? Well, yea. Our local bank was robbed 2 weeks ago. Our local branch. In our little local small town boro.  When I went online to check if our online bills had been paid, as I sometimes do over the weekend, the small, right hand announcement corner of the website casually mentioned this little tidbit of news:

“The boro branch is closing early on Friday.”

Yes they did.

How much could they have stolen…$5,000? Maybe. How could that possibly be enough to make it worth prison time? Life is too short to do something that silly for just 5 large.

I guess we have a different perspective on life and value though.

He was armed with (supposedly) a 9mm pistol. It was just 2.5 feet from the teller. She maintained her cool, giving him the requested cash, loaded up the bag with the dye pack and pushed the alarm.  Police and first responders found the dye bag had exploded less than a block away from the bank. They had several police cars and news helicopters in the area all afternoon, but he got away. At least that day anyway.

Two weeks later and the truth is out – they caught him. He was a serial armed bank robber.  They do say that crime doesn’t pay…Who says that I am not sure, but it is still a good saying.

Another truth is – there is no scuttlebutt available when you work from home, especially sitting across the desk from your spouse – we don’t even own a water cooler, but we do have a Soda Stream.  After thinking about how short life can be, I decided that this particular fall, Friday afternoon was too beautiful to sit indoors. So, I ran my last call of the day from the gazebo. Do what you can. Share the good news. I am happy he got caught and I am even happier that our local teller is handling the whole situation really well.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Yes, those are Swedish fish. Life is short.

Yes, those are Swedish fish. Life is short.

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