Say Yes to Help

It is totally okay when you can to say yes to help.

Many hands definitely make light work…literally.

Think about moving a couch (or other heavy things), boxes of books, piles of bricks, setting up a tent and a backyard party…all of these things are so much easier when you have a focused coordinated effort of more than 1 or 2 people.

In the same vein, catering, professional pastry chefs, passionate home cooks and bakers are welcome for making things special and creating memories.

Whatever you think you can do, make the offer. Be sure it is something you are able, willing and ready to do. Or, just be there.

Similarly when you need assistance, ask for what you need. If you are not sure, then just say yes to help offered. It will ease your burden and accomplish the goals so much faster and in a better way. The answer is…”yes, of course and thank you.”

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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