Robot Music

I spent a little bit of time today listening to a few pod casts and one of them talked about how great robots are and how much they can do, including making robot music.

The pod caster, went on to say how humans should not apply to certain jobs because the robots – or the computers – can do a lot of things better, faster and more accurately than the humans can.

Of course, I understand that this is the case. For years, I have embraced this, willingly.

I use a calculator, no harm in that right?

I use a smart phone to help me write down words that I am thinking while I am not able to use my fingers as quickly or as accurately. Yes, I admit that results do vary and with SIRI, often, her ability to understand voice, converting it to text is not quite there. Yet. However, other systems are better, much better.

I use a printer to transfer text on the computer, on to the paper that will be shared with school, a client or one of my family members.

All of these, in some form or another, even if just loosely defined, are robots. Other things, like manufacturing, production, mining, construction, transportation – also employ robots quite efficiently and are safer for humans.

I am not 100% ready for full AI, of course, I do have some reservations, but none greater than the ability for robots to create music.

In fact, the robot music that was playing on the entire 7 minute pod cast was so incredibly annoying that I think I will boycott them for a few days. Okay, maybe a few minutes, I mean I have to finish this blog tonight…  But, after that, I will do everything I can – at the very least – to make sure that the art humans create continues to get recognition. That art is listened to and looked at because the alternative is just not pleasant.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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