In Seach of Comedy

I am, well, we are – as a species I think – in search of comedy. We love to laugh.

The kids in kindergarten were so much fun…but of course the teacher always got in the way. So, then we learned to laugh quietly, like it was some big secret. 

I am always impressed by the comedians who can keep you laughing, until your abs get a work out and they leave you – out of breath – and still wanting more.

My husband and I go through movies like they’re water and find that most of them, even the highly rated ones are not actually bubbly at all.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think we all go through life looking back on our childhood. 

Why? Because as an adult, I am constantly in search of comedy…Then, it comes to us in such unique and unusual places – when you least expect it. This brings me back to being 5 or maybe 6…and that feels so good – but we don’t have to be childlike anymore and hide our laughter. Let it out. Laugh. Out loud. As much as possible.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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