Right Shoes

The right shoes make a huge difference in your outlook in life.

Are you looking for comfort? If you are walking 5 or more miles a day on concrete, you can’t go more than a few days wearing heels. You just can’t.

Are you looking for attention? Red. Just stop right there and buy a pair of red shoes; whether they are heels, ballet flats, patent leather clogs or sneakers – they all will get everyone’s eye. Men and women. Period.

Are you looking to blend in and disappear? Basic black low heel pumps. Not even Mary Jane’s.

Are you playing a sport, running a 10K, or performing on stage? Cleats, well-fitting heavy trainers, or character flats. Wait. Maybe a dance heel.

Two right shoes won’t work, but the absolute right pair, for what ever occasion, are always needed. Many, many, many pairs may be needed, tried, retired, lamented when lost, kept longer than justified, but really you should not hesitate to toss the ones that don’t serve you anymore.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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