Remove Your Hat

Out of respect, remember to remove your hat. It is what we do, in our society anyway…this is the norm and shows respect.

We also:

  • Tip the waiter/waitress.
  • Hold the door open the door for others with us, behind us or close to being behind us…even if we don’t know them.
  • Throw our trash in the bin and recycle (hey, it was Earth Day Monday, but we should remember this all the days, too.)
  • Say “Thank you”, “Please”, and “You’re welcome” (vs. “no problem”…)
  • Let others speak and finish their thoughts, even if we have to wait for them to complete a lengthy story; even if we forget what we were going to say.
  • Listen to what people are saying, not interpreting what we want to hear – or what we think we read in an e-mail or a text – which is so, very subjective.
  • Try to help others when we think or know we can help.
  • Do. The. Right. Thing.

It’s what we do…and even if we are having a bad hair day, we remove our hat to show others that we care; to prove that we are part of their life, their family and their community.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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