Hats In Marketing

Did you know there were so many hats in marketing?

Tonight, my kids and hubby, had a lovely chat about this and you might be surprised how often hats are used as iconic images in advertising and promotional videos.

Stay Puf’t Marshmallow man – not exactly marketing for marshmallows, but memorable enough. While it may make you think of ghosts and ghostbusting, it also makes you think of marshmallows.

Quaker Oats man – on the round drum – it was recommended to use this as one after you finished the product inside. He was more or less, not a Mennonite.

Top Gun Navy fighter pilot helmet – not worn in the promo videos and posters, but even if you don’t think of them, the sunglasses might be more of what comes to mind. So cool, so much of a draw to join the military from this movie. (Note the lack of helmet in the recent movie featuring Captain Marvel…oh, why, probably because of the hair.) Then again, Maverick’s hair wasn’t covered either…

Monopoly Man, in his black top hat, otherwise known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, not that I knew this, but someone at the table did.

Pillsbury Doughboy – the epitome of a baker, even though no self-respecting southern grandmother would allow his biscuits on her table.

In life, these things are not essential, but when used subtly, hats in marketing are more important than you might think…for example, the one this elder gentleman is wearing – who does he remind you of now that I ask?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS all brands mentioned with all due respect…it takes a while to create such a recognizable brand and while not marked, please assume copy rights and trademarks are as per the owner(s).

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