Remember To Be Nice

With all of the reminders we have been hearing since (well before) the Coronavirus hit the US…Remember to be nice is perhaps, one of the most forgotten.

Sure, we are:

  • not touching our face;
  • washing our hands;
  • using hand sanitizer if we can’t do that;
  • socially distancing (even from our closest, immediate family);
  • we are wearing our masks, and;
  • trying our best to stay healthy, while keeping others (those we know and those we don’t) stay healthy, too.

Perhaps one of the most forgotten, however, is to remember to be nice and love one another. Be nice to our family. Be nice to our neighbors. Be nice to our friends. Be nice to our co-workers. Be nice to our colleagues. Be nice to our clients and customers. Be nice to those we don’t know, and especially those who are trying to help us just get through this whole crazy time. We are all in this together.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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