Remember That Time

I can’t wait to look back, in the future and say to my family, remember that time when…

  • We were all ready to go on time and we arrived early? (Actually, that’s hysterical…I’m laughing now, not sure that’s happened more than once.)
  • When dad tried to help one of his daughters get rid of the hiccups and she fell off the dinner chair?
  • We all heard mom say one thing, but she said completely another – and while she wasn’t making fun of one of us – it was still super funny?
  • We thought we saw aliens flying overhead, which wouldn’t have been considered really, except for the weird sounds we were also hearing in the back yard?
  • We all went on vacation and no one argued, not even in Dublin sitting in traffic?
  • 4 years go, the restaurant seated us at the tiniest table ever and we took our dessert to go so we could spread out and celebrate at home?

Thankfully, we can laugh and look back with a smile, which is so very nice. We can overlook the bad memories, and instead remember that time (and the other time, and the other time) when we all had fun together. Life is what we make it and making the best of even strange situations is what makes life so much better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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