Remember It All

It is hard to remember it all

  • All the things you need to do.
  • All the people you have met.
  • All the things you have done.
  • All the places you have been.
  • All the things you have talked about.
  • All the art you have seen.
  • All the things you have learned.
  • All the gifts you have given and received.
  • All the things you have on your list.
  • All the friends you have made along the way.
  • All the things people have shared with you.
  • All the time you have and still there is so much more.

Remember it all, as best you can – share the stories, share the events, share the best things in life, and share the sad times, too. They make you appreciate so much and that is a huge part of our lives. Bittersweet, sadness making all the happy, good times even better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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