Reflect For A Moment

When you least remember to do so it is even more important to reflect for a moment on:

  • how much you have accomplished.
  • how much you are loved.
  • how much you love others.
  • how much your friends value your history.
  • how much your actions have spoken a thousand words…

and, they are all good.

Then, remember:

  • how many good things there are in life.
  • how many more things you can accomplish.
  • how many people listen to you, based on what you know.
  • how many people rely on you to be true to your own self.
  • how many times you have been able to do more…

than you ever thought you could.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, things come up that you were not ready to handle. That is the perfect time to reflect for a moment to realize that you can, and you will handle it all with grace.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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